Deloading- What is it, how do I do it?

Nice short article on deloading.
Do you know what deloading is? Do you do it? Sometimes it can be easy for us to just train and not worry about recovery.
If the following describes you, you might be in the need of a deloading week- Wore out, no pr’s, constantly sore, mentally drained, small nagging injuries?

Last week we posted an article on Deloading- BUT DID YOU READ IT?
Well here are the cliff notes:
1. If you work out 3 x times a week or more you probably need to deaload
2. Do it every 4-6 weeks
3. For that week of deloading hang out at 50% of what you would normally use for weight or intensity. This can mean cutting reps in half and/or just moving slower in the wod and making every rep perfect. Forget the clock, lighten the load.
4. Focus more on mobility and skill work that week.
This will keep you free from injury and keep your PR’s moving!
Or if you are just feeling ground down- you’ll feel better the week after. That is all.

Check out this article-

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