23 Keto/Paleo Snacks

23 keto-friendly snacks! Paleo friends will like most of these as well.

Keto is gaining major popularity for its ability to help balance blood sugar, hormones, and weight. Because it focuses on fat, and moderates proteins and carbs, it can be hard to know what specifically to eat.

While everyone is different and will need to adjust macros accordingly to maintain ketosis, the following snacks are all low-carb to help keep things in check. Ranging from savory treats to decadent desserts, these 23 keto-friendly snacks will keep you feeling full between meals.

1. Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus Dipped in Soft-Boiled Eggs


If you need an extra boost in the afternoon, this dippable asparagus recipe is filled with vitamins, nutrients and fiber that will keep you satiated until dinner.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus Dipped in Soft-Boiled Eggs

2. Keto Chocolate Avocado Pudding


This keto pudding uses just two simple ingredients to create a luscious, creamy dessert-snack.

Recipe: Keto Connect | Keto Chocolate Avocado Pudding

3. Guacamole Deviled Eggs


Adding guac and hot sauce to traditional deviled eggs turns them into a zesty snack that you can grab while you’re on the go.

Recipe: PaleoPlan | Guacamole Deviled Eggs

4. Zucchini Fritters


Pair these zucchini fritters with some avocado slices for the perfect keto snack.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Zucchini Fritters

5. Keto Cookie Dough Bites


These tasty morsels only have 2 grams of net carbs, with 4 grams of protein each! This is one cookie dough you won’t feel any dessert remorse over.

Recipe: The Merrymaker Sisters | Keto Cookie Dough Bites

6. Bacon “Chips” and Thick Guacamole Dip


Thinking outside of the box when it comes to keto snacks is best, and these bacon chips are the perfect no-carb way to enjoy your guac.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Bacon “Chips” and Thick Guacamole Dip

7. Baked Spicy Turkey Meatballs with Zucchini


You’d be surprised to learn that these moist and delicious turkey meatballs are chock-full of vegetables! Make them ahead and freeze for quick meals and snacks to go.

Recipe: Eat Drink Paleo | Baked Spicy Turkey Meatballs with Zucchini

8. Butter Coffee


Skip the carbs entirely with this butter coffee recipe that creates a creamy, cappuccino type beverage with healthy fats to keep you feeling full till your next meal.

Recipe: Tasteaholics | Butter Coffee

9. Ice Cube Tray Dark Chocolate


If you’re craving sweets but want to skip the carbs, this simple homemade chocolate treat will hit the spot.

Recipe by PaleoHacks | Ice Cube Tray Dark Chocolate

10. Paleo Sardine-Stuffed Avocado


Rich in calcium and healthy fats, sardines are paired with avocado for a simple, healthy snack.

Recipe: KetoDiet Blog | Paleo Sardine-Stuffed Avocado

11. Garlic Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites


Pop these bacon-wrapped chicken bites in your mouth for a quick snack, or serve up as an upscale appetizer!

Recipe: Paleo Magazine | Garlic Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

12. Citrus Marinated Olives with Salami


Have charcuterie as a snack! This low-carb, quick-prep dish has just 5 net carbs and 35 grams of healthy fats.

Recipe: PaleoPlan | Citrus Marinated Olives with Salami

13. Prosciutto-Wrapped Avocado Egg


If you need a tasty, filling, on-the-go snack, try these avocado eggs paired with the salty goodness of prosciutto. You’ll get lots of healthy fats and protein in each bite.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Prosciutto-Wrapped Avocado Egg

14. Cinnamon Bun Fat Bomb Bars


With just 4 net carbs per bar, this is the perfect on-the-go snack that also doubles as a treat. Make them ahead of time so you always have one ready to take.

Recipe: Ditch the Wheat | Cinnamon Bun Fat Bomb Bars

15. Bacon and Egg Fat Bombs


Need an easy way to take breakfast on the go? These fat bombs are the perfectly portable way to enjoy breakfast any time of the day.

Recipe: KetoDiet Blog | Bacon and Egg Fat Bombs

16. Kale and Mushroom Sausage Patties


While most wouldn’t consider sausage patties typical snack food, it’s not much different from taking jerky on the go. The bonus is that these patties contain veggies!

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Kale and Mushroom Sausage Patties

17. Popcorn Cauliflower


Miss the snackable goodness of popcorn? This copycat recipe using cauliflower will satisfy your craving while keeping your carb count low – just 6 net carbs per serving.

Recipe: Foodie Fiasco | Popcorn Cauliflower

18. Paleo Hummus


At just 4 net carbs per serving, you can pair this Paleo hummus with bacon chips or celery sticks for a ket0-friendly snack.

Recipe: Eat Drink Paleo | Paleo Hummus

19. Bacon-Wrapped Avocado Fries


While true French fries may be off the list for a keto diet, these avocado fries are even better. Dip them in some Paleo mayo for a low-carb snack that will hit the spot every time.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Bacon-Wrapped Avocado Fries

20. Cajun Oven-Baked Pickles


Fried pickles are a delicious indulgence, but this baked version is tons healthier without sacrificing on taste. With just 1 net carb per pickle, you can have a handful without kicking yourself out of ketosis.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Cajun Oven-Baked Pickles

21. Coconut Butter Cups


With just ½ a gram of carbs per serving, these dessert-like snacks will hit the spot when you’re craving something sweet.

Recipe: Tasteaholics | Coconut Butter Cups

22. Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers with Cashew Cheese


These spicy poppers are oozing with cashew cheese for a perfectly balanced keto snack.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers with Cashew Cheese

23. Endive Salmon Poppers


Smoked salmon and avocado are served in an endive leaf for an exotic snack that’s both low-carb and full of protein.

Recipe: PaleoPlan | Endive Salmon Poppers


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