Sunday’s Open Gym

Sunday’s Open Gym

Open gym in CrossFit – ‘the Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ Open gyms are a fantastic resource and a...

Should I Rx The WOD (workout of the day)?

Check out this quick video to find out the answer!

What does “RX” mean?

Why do I see some people writing “RX” next to their name? Matt explains the why quickly in this video!

Is your workout Constantly Varied or more like the same thing over and over?

Just looking over the programming this week- If you were here most of the week here’s some of the constantly...

Deloading- What is it, how do I do it?

Nice short article on deloading. Do you know what deloading is? Do you do it? Sometimes it can be easy...

What is CrossFit?

Here’s a very basic breakdown of what CrossFit is

What’s that mean again?

CrossFit acronym reminders! We use most of these on the whiteboard and there are plenty of them so it’s easy to forget...

What it takes to make it to regionals

What does it take to become a CrossFit Regionals Athlete? Here is a nice realistic view of what it takes...

How Important Is Sleep?

Paleo Living And The Sleep-Stress Cycle | Paleo Leap

But how do I get those abs?

But how do I get those abs?

Info graphic on “What it takes to Get 6-pack abs” Courtesy of: Infographic Journal

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