What do I need to know about “Fundamentals”?

When are they?

Monday 7am

Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6:30pm and

Saturday morning at 9:30am

Be sure to check the calendar for any changes- CALENDAR Our fundamental classes are marked in blue.

What are they?

These classes are designed to teach you the basic lifts and ease you into CrossFit workouts safely. Normally there will only be 2-5 people in these classes and sometimes we get to do 1 on 1’s with a coach. This let’s us really see what’s going on with you and your body and allows us to modify the movements to fit your current fitness needs.

A coach will lead and direct the class – We normally start out with some light stretches or mobility work and then cover each movement in depth to give you a good understanding of form and technique. We will follow this up with a workout that generally last’s 15:00 or less. You’ll learn all the basic functional lifts that are so important for our everyday lives. We may have some more longer static stretches or mobility to teach you after the workout as well.

What are some the basic lifts we will learn?

Squats: Air squat, front squat, Overhead squat 

Presses: Shoulder press, Push Press, Push Jerk

Pulling: Dead-Lift, Sumo Dead-Lift High Pull, Medicine Ball Clean

Olympic lifts: Clean, Snatch (or some variation of these)

We’ll also cove various gymnastic and cardio based movements with proper form.

Do I need to take the fundamental classes? If so how many?

If you’ve never done CrossFit before the answer is yes. We require all new students to do at least 6 fundamental classes to learn some of the basics before throwing you into a class of people who kinda know what they are doing 🙂

What if I already workout?

The answer is still most likely Yes, you need fundamentals. Even if you have done Olympic lifting we like to slowly expose you to the potency of the CrossFit and we will probably have some new movement standards that you may not be familiar with.  That being said, if you move well and pick-up the form and technique quickly we may advance you to the normal classes quicker.

What if I’ve done CrossFit before?

This one will depend on you, we’ll have a few questions- Why did you stop? How long ago did you do it? How long did you do it? Have you been active since stopping CrossFit? Do you feel comfortable coming into regular classes? If it’s been a while (6 months or more) you may opt for the one month of fundamentals ($99). If you feel good after attending a few we may feel comfortable advancing you into normal classes for the remainder of that month’s membership.

How are fundamental classes different from the regular classes?

We will spend more time explaining the movements and more time practicing the movements before we start the actual workout. We want you not only to move well but to understand why the standards we are teaching you will make you move better and help you move really well for a long time.

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