Matthew Martin

Matthew Martin

Welcome to Rocksteady! My name is Matt, I’m a certified personal trainer and CrossFit Coach. I specialize in helping people of all ages and physical abilities get stronger, move better and gain more confidence. I believe in this day and age we simply don’t move enough. In order to combat fatigue, weight gain, pain and other health conditions we need to improve in our cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. My Clients range from experienced athletes to individuals who are preparing for or just coming out of physical therapy and I work with all ages from kids to grandparents.


  • Ace Certified Personal trainer
  • CrossFit certified
  • USAW Weightlifting Performance coach
  • Over 6 years experience training both personal training and group training.
  • I’ve also studied the NASM personal training book, Paul Chek and Kelly Starlett for correctional exercises and I’m currently studying for my NASM Nutrition specialist certification.

My Story

Unlike many trainers in this industry I personally know the struggle of going from very sedentary and overweight to feeling good and moving well, along with all the challenging steps in between. About 8 years ago I was 60 lbs overweight, my diet was terrible, and I felt awful. I’ve tried multiple fitness programs and I have never been stronger or felt as good as I do while doing CrossFit. Old aches and pains have gone away as I focus on functional movement instead of just adding weight to a bar or machine and a nice byproduct is that the weights keep going up anyway! I feel like i could beat out any former (and younger) version of myself and I love the variety and camaraderie of the CrossFit community.  I constantly challenge myself and my trainers and continue to set personal fitness records every month. I don’t think we ever stop learning so I’m always researching new and more advanced techniques for movements.

Why I believe in Crossfit over other fitness programs

Crossfit is affordable and this makes it accessible to more people. You get a month’s worth of training at a rate that is about the same cost of 2 sessions of personal training. For many people it is their only access to a high caliber trainer even though it’s in a group setting. The workouts are constantly changing and contain hundreds of functional movements that take years to master which keeps it fun and challenging at the same time. You never get bored and you have a positive community of people to cheer you on.

Benefits of working with a personal trainer

Personalized programming and one on one attention is very beneficial. The more a trainer knows your body the more they are able to help correct muscle imbalances and form issues. This means you will improve more quickly than in a group training session and your goals or goals set by your trainer will also be met faster and more completely. I care about my clients and want them to succeed as we learn to move better and feel better.

Personal Training Success Story –  Bill

Bill had surgery to repair his shoulder in the 1970’s and still has the scars and a metal cable in his shoulder. Doctors told him his range of motion would be limited but he was not given sufficient Physical Therapy to get his shoulder back into good working order/shape. When he began training with me he could barely put his arm above his head and it would constantly wake him up at night with pain. After working with bill for a few months, his range of motion improved significantly and eventually got to where we felt it  good enough to start strength training. As we progressed Bill was no longer waking up at night with pain, he could pick up his children again and eventually was able to lift a 53lb kettlebell over his head for multiple reps without any pain or adverse side effects.

CrossFit Success Story – Patty

Patty had surgery on her shoulder for a past injury after she started CrossFit. Her doctor told her if it was up to him he would never have her lift her arm over her head again… This was not acceptable to Patty.  Patty came back to CrossFit as soon as she could and we would modify her movements to keep her safe but still give her a good workout. Again after we got to a point where Patty’s shoulder more mobile we started with more strength training and now Patty (who is over 50 years old) is very close to doing a handstand pushup! She’s happy with her perfect range of motion and the strength gains she is still seeing!